Taking the Train from Adelaide Home to Melbourne

Hi all. Latest Vlog sees me travel home from South Australia to Victoria, but this time I take the slow route – I take the famous ‘Overland’ train! Enjoy!

Thanks for popping by – May the Journey Never End!

6 thoughts on “Taking the Train from Adelaide Home to Melbourne

  1. I really enjoyed watching this vlog, especially all the scenery. Food looked pretty good. Would you recommend this train journey as a tourist? Or maybe it’s a better use of time to fly? Also, why is there a 30 min time difference between the state? I never heard of 30 min, always an hour.

    1. Actually India is on the half hour, and then just to be different Nepal is on a 15 minute difference from India!! Yes for some reason South Australia and I believe Northern Territory are half an hour behind the east coast. Perth is 2 hours behind and three in summer.

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