Top Videos of 2021

Hi all. Hope you are well wherever you may be in the world right now! Today i thought I would present the videos that I posted last year (on my YouTube Channel – Please Subscribe!) that gathered the most views. There are older videos that got more views in 2021, but these are the ones that I actually edited and published last year that got the most view through 2021 (and to be strictly accurate until the 20th of January this year).

So, in third place with 1,267 views is the video where my friend Jock Read-Hill joined me in heading to St Kilda and trying out the cool rides at Luna Park! Shot about a year ago, published in April.

In second place, with 1,329 view in the last 12 months, is my second video from Cameroon exploring Limbe, the Ring Road and Bamenda. This one was published in January or February, but was shot back in 2011 and because of that was shot on an old camera and the picture quality is a little lacking, but it’s still proven a popular video!

And the most popular video over the last 12 months is my adventure with Ivan Nevill at the Melbourne General Cemetery as we talked about the people buried there and marveled at its aesthetics. It has scored 1,520 views since it was published in February last year!

Thanks for joining me today. If you haven’t time to check out any of these videos, why not check out my new trailer that went up a couple of weeks back now, it’s only a minute long!

Please do subscribe to me on YouTube – a new video every Thursday! Thanks for popping by as always, and May the Journey Never End!


2 thoughts on “Top Videos of 2021

  1. I think my favourites are the ones on Africa, despite the poor quality of the images from this period, it shows a reality that tends towards ethnographic travel.

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