Adventures Filming Melbourne Revealed Thus Far!

Howdy all! Well you know late last year I started filming my new little YouTube series ‘Melbourne Revealed’ late last year when Melbourne came out of its second lockdown, the really long one that made us all question whether we would ever be able to leave our home again except for work. Thankfully, it did end and despite blips and bleeps here and there and another shorter lock down in February, we were able to get out and about and enjoy what Melbourne has to offer the visitor and indeed the resident!

At Gem Pier, Williamstown

As I write this the fifteen of the first sixteen episodes have been shot and I know what I’m shooting for another two, but this is being written well in advance, just as I am filming well in advance. So by the time this is published the first lot of 11 episodes have been up in YouTube and that’s seen me visit the Queen Victoria Market, Hosier Lane, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne Cemetery, Luna Park, St Kilda, Brighton and more. Coming up for you are a few episodes shot in Melbourne’s West in Williamstown and Altona. And a surprise for this week’s episode!

Melbourne General Cemetery

It’s been a lot of fun and I still have plenty of ideas for places to take you in the future. How are you finding them? I have so blessed to have some great people help me out and explore a few places – firstly Mr Tim Blight of Urban Duniya, a great vlogger, traveller and indeed person. Very lucky to have him as a friend, and to think I met him blogging! Blogging is a great way to meet other travellers!

Old Melbourne Gaol

Then I was joined in one episode by the irrepressible Ivan Nevill, and Jock Read-Hill joined me for two. Kon the Koala still exists and perhaps is due for a dusting off as he’s only appeared in two videos thus far. One shot in Altona features my good friend Adrian Valenta and that one is FULL of banter!

Luna Park

What have the highlights been so far? Well one of my favourite experiences was without a doubt heading to Oakleigh to do a foodie tour there. I was joined by Tim and we ate at a number of different establishments and we had great banter all day and found some gems there.

Discovering Luna Park with Jock was great as well, it disappointing that despite a chest strap I wasn’t able to ride the rides with a camera, I guess they talk about safety but at the end of the day I guess they believe that if you put footage of a ride on YouTube it’s going to discourage, not encourage people to come which I personally disagree with. Boy was that a hot day!

I found it was so much better with a compadre – I promise I have female friends and I will get them involved going forward – than without one. Although I do feel more comfortable now than I did back shooting episode 3 in the Museum just shooting by myself. Case in point is visiting the Brighton Baths and going swimming in Brighton, which was episode 11.

I since bought myself half a wetsuit and a snorkel, and there are some more snorkelling adventures coming up! I grant you that Port Phillip Bay has not wowed me yet, nevertheless it’s a fun activity which I first discovered back in 2016 in Galapagos and I want to do MORE of it!

Another fun episode was discovering Melbourne Cemetery with Ivan Nevill. Fun, but also really interesting. Melbourne has an old but really interesting cemetery.

As for the future, well we have at least a couple more snorkelling adventures on the horizon, I’ve already shot at Altona and near Williamstown at a place called the “Jawbone” and snorkelled there. I’m also taking a look at Williamstown in a separate Vlog. As for future plans? Well, do you have any suggestions? I’m thinking – Rickett’s Point Snorkelling, Eureka Tower, Crown Casino, Yarra River Cruise, Riponlea Gardens, Brunswick, Footscray, 1000 Steps… that will see me over 20 episodes. And there’s plenty more out there!

Take care, and if you do have any more suggestions for places for me to head in Melbourne and vlog from, please pop them in the comments! Thanks as always – May the Journey Never End!

4 thoughts on “Adventures Filming Melbourne Revealed Thus Far!

  1. I have some doubts about Melbourne Bay becoming the next Galapagos. But it’s all very interesting and makes me more familiar with Melbourne.

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