A Step-by-step Guide to Visiting Nigeria’s Most Populous City – Lagos!

Howdy all! Today it’s a guest post from the amazing blogger from Lagos, Nigeria – Eromonsele! I haven’t been to Lagos or Nigeria before, but there’s no-one like a local to give you the full lowdown! Enjoy!

Heylo Friend,

Eromonsele Emmanuel here again and today, Andy thought it’d be cool if I took you guys on a one-on-one tour of Lagos – a prominent Nigeria city where I’ve lived for over ten years.

To begin with, this idea was quite crazy and fun-inducing but still, I felt it’ll be super nice if I could take foreigners on an epic journey to my nation’s economic capital and centre of excellence.

So, I’d be kicking off with some basics or better still, “must-knows.” And I honestly hope you enjoy this guest post and find it convincing that you’d check out my travel blog after reading.

Let’s Gooooo!

Quick Facts About Lagos, Nigeria

1. Lagos is divided into the Mainland and Island. The latter is where many important Nigerian businesses are headquartered and where the affluent mostly reside while the former’s where a bunch of middle class and low income households live.

2. The Lagos Island and Mainland are linked by three major bridges. Namely; Eko Bridge, Carter Bridge and The Third Mainland Bridge.

3. Lagos is home to over twenty-two million people. An estimated 6,000 persons migrate to Lagos every single day!

4. Lagos is the smallest state in Nigeria.

5. The common modes of transport are Okada, Danfo and Keke Napep.

6. Transport in Lagos has been slowly modernised over the years with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Railway Lines and Waterways System.

7. Lagos borders the Atlantic ocean on the south. Because of this, it is also the hub of maritime and ferry services in Nigeria.

Now that you’ve learnt a couple basic facts about my city, let’s move on to some must-dos and don’ts.

Must-dos and Don’ts for Lagos First Timers

1. If it’s your first time in Lagos or on the African continent, you’ll need a great local guide.

2. Never opt for local transport options especially Danfo unless you have experience in public transit across Africa.

3. Do not pay attention to street thugs locally called “agberos.”

4. Stay on the Island.

5. If you’re here for business, make sure your company arranges for a personal driver for you. Driving in Lagos is not easy.

6. When the traffic congestion hits hard, try to be calm. It’s normal.

7. Don’t buy things from street hawkers while in commute unless you’ve lived here for three weeks.

Okay, I see you’re catching on. The next segment is dedicated to all adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts who’d like to explore the best of Lagos, Nigeria.

What to See, Eat and Do in Lagos, Nigeria

1. Try out street food. Bole and Fish, Abacha, Roasted Corn, Roasted Yam, Suya, Tapioca, and Akara.

2. Take a trip to any of the public or private beaches perched around the coastal city. Lagos is home to a beautiful myriad of beaches because of its closeness to the Atlantic ocean so, you can definitely check out Oniru Private Beach, Barracuda Beach, Jara Beach Resort, Landmark Beach or La Campagne Tropicana.

3. Attend a Wedding Party or “Owanbe.” When it comes to parties, Lagosians are a resilient bunch. Make sure you have a friend who knows someone throwing a party and be present if you can. Some popular party venues include Bics Garden and Boat Club, Muri Okunola Park and Jhalobia Park and Garden.

4. Go Shopping (Open-air or Mall hopping). Lagos is also home to one of the busiest markets in the country – Balogun Market. Go experience what it means to buy things in Lasgidi but don’t forget your guide o. Again, take a trip to any of the many shopping malls splattered across the cityscape including Leisure Mall, Jara Mall, Ikeja City Mall, Palms Mall and Maryland Mall. Enjoy!

5. Take a photo of the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge. This prominent suspension bridge is fast becoming an iconic structure in Lagos. When Mark Zuckerberg came here for a likkle break, he was pictured jogging along the bridge. People just love its bold look and I do too.

6. Experience Culture. The good thing about living in Lagos is it’s a melting pot of diverse cultures. You’d come across foreigners and locals and different ethnic groups including the three Nigerian major – Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa, and also minor ethnic groups like the Tiv, Esan and Urobo.

7. Visit Art Galleries, Markets and Museums. Nike Art Gallery is the most visited place in Nigeria according to Trip Advisor and it’s perched in Lekki, an affluent neighbourhood in Lagos Island. Asides visiting this art gallery, you can choose to tour other attractive art markets like the Lekki Arts and Craft Market or museums like the National Museum in Onikan.

8. Kayak or Take a Boat Ride. I just have love for kayaking and that’s why I’ve added it to my list. You can kayak at the Bics Garden and Boat Club while taking in picturesque views of the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge and as for boat rides, visit the Five Cowries Terminal and book a trip to any location around Lagos. You’ll have fun, trust me.

9. Enter Danfo at least once. Yeah I know that I discouraged you earlier from using local transport especially when Uber works here but, I tell you friend, there’s nothing such as commuting in a Danfo bus. So, if you’re bold enough, enter one. If not, do so with a local guide. Make sure you’ve got change too. *wink

Other Things to Do in Lagos Include…

1. Try exploring Eko Atlantic City.

2. Go paintballing at the Ultimate Paintball Arena.

3. Visit the Lekki Conservation Centre.

4. Take a trip to Makoko Village.

5. Enjoy adrenaline-pumping action at the Upbeat Centre.


I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Lagos, Nigeria especially because of the traffic gridlock situation and how hard it can be to arrive certain destinations on some days – Lagosians can spend up to three hours in traffic!

But, beyond the throes of congestion or overpopulation, Lagos is an interesting city to live in and explore how hustle and bustle influences humankind.

I really hope that this article convinces you to get on a plane now to Murtala Mohammed Airport in Ikeja and before you rush to the comments, kindly check out my functional travel blog here.

Also, you can catch me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Pinterest.

I look forward to connecting with ya.

Ahem, hope you happy now Andy? We did it!

Thankyou so much Eromonsele! Fantastic! And thank you dear reader – May the Journey Never End!


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  1. I’ve been following Eromonsele for a while now, and I enjoy his posts on Nigeria, especially which is a country less-traveled to by most Westerners. His in-depth look into his home country makes me interested in going there someday! Appreciate the share, Andy!

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