Porto – Through My Lens (Pt 1)

Yes another photo-ma-graphic post today, and it’s the highly photographic destination of Porto, Portugal that I am highlighting today. It’s so photogenic that I had no choice but to split up the photos into at least two posts – we will see if there’s a third in there and you never know, it really is a place very easy to photograph. Lots of different colours, great buildings, and so much more. So let’s have a little look into Porto – today’s post features the Se Cathedral, The São João National Theatre and the Jardins do Palacio Cristal. Enjoy!

Porto on the banks of the Douro
On the River Douro

Thanks for popping by today! May the Journey Never End!


17 thoughts on “Porto – Through My Lens (Pt 1)

  1. I only had two, brief nights in Porto, and it was certainly not enough time to see a lot of the city. There are many sites you listed in this post which I don’t recognize, and that merits a revisit someday to discover them all! Thanks for sharing your journey, Andy. 🙂

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