On This Day 2011 – Arriving in Japan

You might think that this post on this day was by design as I have been sharing my vlogs from my first time, my first experiences in the country outside Australia I have spent the most time in. But in fact I was looking for something to put on the blog for this day, the 14th of April, and I didn’t have anything to review so I decided to look back through the diary from 2011 and where did I find I was? Flying into Kansai Airport, making my way to Kyoto by train and then to K’s House – my hostel. And I also visited the Kyoto tower.

This was a month after the power quake – the Great Tohoku Earthquake – had hit Japan, which provides a bit of context to what I was thinking. So anyways, here is my diary entry for you for this momentous day!

View of Kyoto from Tower.

I did get some sleep before they turned the light back on and I forced breakfast down my throat maybe as much as two hours but that would be the absolute maximum. The flight was fine but not great just good to touchdown and finally make it to Japan.

Passport control took a photo – not my best and fingerprints. Got my bag and there I was, in Japan! Kansai airport friendly girl had information told me where I should go for Japan Rail – just over a short bridge and I validated my pass very quickly and got me reservation for express to go to Kyoto.

Easy done – cool but not cold I went to try an ATM in a convenience store with no luck. Bought a Coke though anyways down to the platform the train came in and I waited whilst they cleaned it. Initially I was the only one on the carriage. After one to two stops there were a few more people. I took some video. Interesting tall thin houses all very ordered looked clean. Fell asleep, then we were at Kyoto probably got another 40 minutes sleep better than nothing!

All the railway staff were friendly with big smiles. The Kyoto station is big and slick. On my way for a bit of a walk to my hostel -K’s house. Quiet really, except for the train station. Driving on the left again the way it should be!

I found the hostel very easily and checked in staff very friendly and helpful. The room wouldn’t be ready until 3:00 PM so I went for a lie down on the couch in the common area.

from Japantravelmate.com

Before that I also used the loo. OK it’s a machine – it has buttons to work as a been a one to make a flushing noise why someone would want it to, I have no idea and it also has a permanently warm seat the exact opposite of a squat I guess. A little tap on top of the cistern in a bowl so that the water you use to wash your hands runs down into the cistern for flushing. Too darn smart for me!

I went with this guy (Yu) from reception you for lunch as they were cleaning. Mostly Japanese staff but a couple of foreigners too. This place is Immaculate – there are slippers at reception for the guests and they were Ajaxing the bottom of them! It’s quite otherworldly.

Beef, rice and some green veggie for lunch and Yu paid so all good there but he said it was really cheap. Can I remember the place?

Got to my room it’s OK certainly clean, TV – BBC World and Japanese channels featuring game shows for the most part. The light has a remote and dimming function light sense your footsteps and turn on as you approach wow again! The shower was good all told, toilets will be just down the corridor in the evening… don’t want to lock the key card in the room do I?

Took some footage from the balcony did I mention I still feel like I’m flying – had this before I feel a bit of a sway back and forth not enjoyable really. I went for a walk some cherry blossom trees a creek – quiet, really nice what a place! Got some money out at an ATM and made my way down back to virtually the station and the Kyoto tower.

100 metres ish maybe not the best choice the way I was feeling but it was something to do. So many people the view was good could see mountains all of Kyoto. It’s pretty big – I didn’t venture to the downtown area today. I could see some of the top of the guesthouse from there and a fire in the Woods outside town. Lots of sirens going all day I kept getting flashbacks of the tsunami footage with that siren the blade during that I guess it left a bigger impression than I had realised. I might have Macca’s for dinner…

I returned and went to the Zen bar after checking out the karaoke place only one guy in it there seems to be quite a few small bars around the place really small for maybe 6 to 10 customers maximum.

Kyoto Tower.

The Zen bar’s adjoining K’s House. I had a beer, spoke to the Dutch guy who works there nice guy. I also met some people who are organising some sort of ‘welcome back to school party’. I went to bed, then went to the toilet and left my room key in the room! I had to go downstairs and get the guy to unlock the door for me how embarrassment.

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Well, there you are, a little chunk of the past for you to devour! Thanks for reading today, take care and… May the Journey Never End!


2 thoughts on “On This Day 2011 – Arriving in Japan

  1. It also reminds me of my first impressions when I arrived in Japan. Everything is clean and organized, but that was in Tokyo and the architecture is too overwhelming, until you get to the temples and gardens where everything is calculated to be beautiful. Yes, they leave nothing to chance.

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