Tasting Melbourne – The Firehouse

Howdy all and it’s time for another review! Today it’s a review of a place many rave about so i am told. It’s an establishment in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne and it’s pretty cool and unique. Why? Because the building is an old fire station.

Now I’ll start by saying Ringwood is a long way from Melbourne’s CBD although there is a train station within walking distance of The Firehouse. It would be a 45 minute train ride from the city so I guess the all important question is simply this- is it worth it?

The fare is basically limited I guess, and features burgers and steak plus a couple of vegetarian options primarily in the form of gnocchi. I must be the only person who doesn’t like gnocchi I guess because I see it on nearly every menu. Personally it’s too gluggy for me and sits in my tummy for much longer I feel than it should. If you are looking for fish sadly you will be disappointed as one of our party was. There’s a little pulled pork on offer and also they feature brisket which personally I was unfamiliar with but I found out it’s the chest of a cow.

Those I dined with went with steak which came with thin fries and a very basic salad. I decided to try a brisket burger with pomegranate BBQ sauce. They appeared to like to use pomegranate a bit here.
There was also relish and the pickles in there and I was really impressed it was a nice burger. The steaks also received thumbs up.

The place was pushing the Covid safety which I guess is good but my phone doesn’t work with q codes and it’s starting to annoy me checking in when there a limited options. The other way was through the website. This world is so ‘phone reliant’ I tells ya!

Then we had to use our phones to access the menu. They said to avoid having to wipe down the menus. So umm… not everyone has smart phones. Or knows how to use them especially with q codes.
Service was ok but some staff could have been more welcoming and the main dining area was too hot for me. I did ask at the end and the air conditioning was turned on.

The food was good and the beer garden out the back looked like a great area. Service ok but a tad slow.it was nice enough but I wouldn’t take the train from town for it. The menu was limited and needs fish but it’s got plenty more options than The Mint.

Thanks for popping by today and May the Journey Never End!


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