Lost In Hobart!

Hi everyone from sunny Tasmania! Yes I have finally taken a flight for the first time since 2019 and I have landed successfully landed in Hobart. I would have let you all know before going usually but honestly after the last lockdown a month ago I was scared to in fear I brought another lockdown on Victoria!

Anyways, my wife and I touched down last night at 645pm and here we are in beautiful Tassie! Where we don’t need to wear masks and covid has pretty much not been an issue for 10 months now. Today it’s just a short post to touch base with my readers and let them know what’s in store.

We flew in with Qantaslink, which I think tend to do some of Qantas’s shorter domestic flights on a Boeing 717. The airport is small! The flight was great as I got to see the south east side of the city where we live.

Tuesday morning and I went for a walk along the Hobart Rivulet. I was heading to the Cascades Female Factory where female convicts were sent back in the 1800s. And I walked right past it! I took photos of a statue on the other side of the road! It was a lovely walk but I’d gone 1.5km past it including passing the Cascade Brewery and had to backtrack!

The Cascades Female Factory was a place with a dark past. And certainly women were sent to the colony on the flimsiest of charges more because women ‘were needed’ by the men. As wives and house keepers, and you know… basically slaves.

Back into town I finally got to see the gorgeous dock area. There are so many historic buildings all around the city you can’t help but be impressed.

I also visited the Tasmanian museum and art gallery. It presents the sad story of Tasmanian Aborigines and something of the state’s colonial history.

More detailed reports will be following over the next few weeks so stay tuned! Thanks for popping by today and May the Journey Never End!


14 thoughts on “Lost In Hobart!

  1. How exciting! While I have qualms about traveling these days (especially since much of the world still has yet to get vaccinated/reduce COVID-19 in their respective countries), at least you’re traveling domestically and it’s not too bad. Hobart looks to be such a lovely place, not as visited as other parts of the country, but still an adventure to be had. Enjoy your time!

      1. Actually I find this new lockdown very convenient, the outings are limited to 10 km, that covers the whole of Paris, and this prevents those from outside from coming! Now the main focus for everyone is to avoid meeting other people, that’s what we should not forget, without being distracted by official communication.

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