2021 and Two basic Goals for Me!

Howdy all. A little update post today! Hope it finds you well. Probably a little late to finally be getting around to setting a goal or two for this year, but honestly with everything that’s happened over the last twelve months, there’s no reason to be in any rush for any reason!

And the goals I am looking at setting are for both this blog and the YouTube Channel. Last year I had over 37,000 views to my blog which made it easily my best year by about 14,000. This was due in part to posting every single day from about April or May onwards. I don’t know if I can keep that up but you can expect it at least until the end of June, as I have written and scheduled most posts up until then already. I will pepper them with the odd post I will add in, but that will very much depend on my ability to go somewhere outside my city and state. I have a couple of breaks planned in March and April anyways and I am hoping they will both go ahead.

So my goals for the blog are simple. The first one is to do better than last year. It wasn’t until around May or June that I saw an upturn in readers. It’s certainly flattened right out since Christmas as well – has any other blogger experienced this or is it just me – so I think to achieve better than last year should be doable. 40,000 would be nice, I’m not reaching for the stars!

Earlier this year I passed 900 followers on Word Press! Who and where are you? Lol! So obviously the hurdle there is get to 1000 this year. I would hope by the middle of the year because I do pick up 5 – 10 a week so that doesn’t seem unreasonable.

As for the YouTube Channel – if you haven’t subscribed, please do! I really am trying to build it and in lieu of that I am now regularly posting a video a week. It drops at midnight Thursday morning and then I feature the video on the blog the next day. But I’m not getting anywhere near the views and subscribers I would dearly like. Its really very hard work and I am putting in some seriously hard yards right now, and so your support would be greatly appreciated.

I have some old footage that I’ve turned into videos for you coming up including Japan month which is going to be March and I have done a video on Cologne. Otherwise my main feature in 2021 is without a doubt ‘Melbourne Revealed’ of which I have shot 15 episodes as I type this! I’m out and about discovering this amazing city and it’s been a lot of fun, but actually I’ll be honest, free time is not something I have had much of in 2021. I’ve been out every time I have a day off and there’s good weather.

So anyways, hopefully my hard work will pay off and by the end of the year I can nearly double my subscribers! I am presently at around 160 and if I could make it to 300 by the end of the year I’d be stoked! Have YOU subscribed yet? If not, please consider. There’s already a lot of content on my channel, some of which I will feature as we go forward in a ‘Retro Vlog’ spot on the blog. I have videos from West Africa and Central Asia which are often the most popular!

Snokelling Andy!

Anyways, I guess today was more of a shout out on my own behalf more than anything! I hope you’re well wherever you may be and I hope that the world will start to open up as we move through 2021. Fingers, toes and everything else is certainly crossed! Take care, and May the Journey Never End!


16 thoughts on “2021 and Two basic Goals for Me!

  1. Glad to see your hard work has paid off! If there’s one good thing that COVID-19 has brought, it was productivity! I’ll give your YouTube channel a go…here’s to more success for you soon! 🙂

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