From Around the Web – Exploring Gambia

Howdy all! Today I wanted to share a piece from a travel vlogger I have just discovered. His channel is ‘My 1000 miles’. It’s run and presented by Kevin who lives in Bangkok, Thailand. I have been dreaming about travel as I always tend to do, and thinking about a possible return to West Africa one day as part of an overland trek, and I found his video which is great. It goes for 40 minutes.

I particularly liked it because his style is honest, and he’s a solo traveller. And this little slither of a country, called Gambia or ‘The Gambia’ is one not many know about. It’s a very small place and is totally surrounded by Senegal, apart from the west which is Atlantic Coast. Enjoy!

Thanks for popping by! Kevin’s channel isn’t one of the mega-popular ones like say Bald and Bankrupt. If you liked his video, why not subscribe and check out more of his videos! Thanks and May the Journey Never End!


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