Slovakia – Through My Lens

Hi all. Today I’ve reached further back into my photos to bring you photos from a country many overlook when headed to Europe, but one I think is actually worth a bit of time. Slovakia is somewhere in the middle there, around Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic, and boasts an attractive capital in Bratislava, some stunning mountains with great hiking opportunities and more. So check out how I saw it – Through My Lens!

Bratislava is a very pleasant city indeed. Medieval and Gothic influences abound.

Bratislava Castle is pretty grand all said and overlooks the city. You also have the Primate’s Palace which is mucho worthwhile visiting.

Not too far from Bratislava along the Danube is Devin Castle, an historic site worth visiting with beautiful Danube views!

Stary Smokevic is an idyllic little town in the Tatra Mountain range, not far from the Polish border. Great hiking in the Summer time, a Winter playground when the weather is colder!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Slovakian pictures! Thanks for popping by today – May the Journey Never End!


17 thoughts on “Slovakia – Through My Lens

  1. I enjoyed my trip to Slovakia. Coming from Vienna, Bratislava made me feel as if I was going back in time, with its beautiful baroque houses and more modest streets. Then travelling around the country I was charmed by the number of castles and old villages in good condition. It is certainly a country to recommend for a road trip of a few days.

  2. I only had a few hours in Bratislava, as well as technically entered Štúrovo after crossing the Hungarian-Slovak bridge from Esztergom…Slovakia is a country I haven’t really seen much of, but I do hope to return and check out more of it someday!

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