Kesenumma and the Tsunami

Hi all. A few days back I wrote a bit about some interesting places in Iwate, Japan that I had visited. I hadn’t intended originally on including Kesenumma, but as I wrote I thought about it and included it. I thought today I would provide some reference with a couple of YouTube videos on the tsunami and Kesennuma. The Channel 4 Report is very interesting, the other video was shot live as the water gathered force and took over the town pulling houses, boats and everything else up with it. I must admit both, but particularly the second, are confronting so keep in mind before you watch. I’m a little staggered that people stood on balconies and filmed it, the force of the water might well have pushed over the buildings they were in. It’s nearly ten years – it will be in March next year – since the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. But their effects will be felt far into the future.

Thanks. May the Journey Never End.


10 thoughts on “Kesenumma and the Tsunami

  1. OMG that 2nd video….I can’t even watch it all. Terrifying. I felt like I wanted to shout at those people to just get out if there. Wheww. That river, it was so sinister

  2. Thanks for gathering these videos. It is terrifying and indeed beyond imagination, especially for these people who are used to seeing their little river, far from imagining that it could turn into a monster.

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