Images of Minsk

Hey all on this Tuesday. As always on Tuesday I like to present travel photos from a destination I’ve been too. It’s hard to take photos of places I haven’t been, I guess. But all brevity aside, Belarus right now is in a state of turmoil, and things have really escalated, particularly in the capital of Minsk.

Calls from the opposition candidate, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya – presently in Lithuania, for people to stop protesting has fallen on deaf ears, and people have been arrested left, right and centre and been subject to some unbelievable brutality.

For those who want to know more, check out my post from Saturday – ‘Lukashenko’s Shadow Over Belarus’.

Personally, I really like Minsk and whilst I was there I really felt like Belarus looked like it could be a brilliant country to explore. I loved the vibe of a city that really felt youthful in its way – despite being old. A city with a young heart as the country changes and opens up.

And although that seems to have been stomped on the head by President Lukashenko, I thought this might be a good time to present some of my photos. Editing them and preparing them for this post, I confess they felt a bit ‘eerie’.

Firstly, the museum of the Great Patriotic War seemed to be THE museum to check out in Minsk. And it’s very well done and has lots of Soviet military gear and exhibitions to see.

The National Library is certainly an interesting building by design. You can walk up to an observation deck and get some really impressive views of Minsk from up there too!

I went out one night to see the Opera at the Bolshoy Opera and Ballet Centre/Theatre. It was a great night out and the building was a lot more beautiful on the inside!

An interesting museum in Minsk is the Museum of Miniatures, just off the main square where you can see miniature recreations of important places and buildings from all around Belarus.

I hope you enjoyed my little selection of photos today. Keep Belarus in your thoughts too and I hope that this can be resolved as peacefully as possible. May the Journey Never End.


13 thoughts on “Images of Minsk

  1. ThingsHelenLoves

    Belarus pinged my radar at the end of last year as I started watching a couple of Youtubers who were out and about exploring the country. I’d love to visit but I don’t think anytime soon, between Covid and politics. Belarus seems to be a place of great beauty and character, a shame it’s in the spotlight for other things just now.

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