Galle, Sri Lanka – Through My Lens!

Howdy all and Happy Tuesday wherever you may be in the world right now – unless it’s not Tuesday, in which case please substitute the appropriate day! Today the destination is the town of Galle in the south of Sri Lanka. This town is one that is certainly very popular to travel to, seeing a lot of tourists – when conditions are obviously favourable (ie when we are not in the middle of a pandemic!).

Watching on from Galles Walla

The main feature is the fort – which today is very much the tourist centre of Galle. Visitors prefer to stay within the fortifications, and for sure it’s the most attractive area to stay. It’s a fair size and it juts out into the ocean, and you can walk around almost the entire wall, mostly on top of said wall.

This makes it the place with the most guesthouses and restaurants. There are museums and churches too, a famous lighthouse and a famous clock tower, and by the lighthouse is even a beach where people do a little swimming although it is rocky under foot and people generally don’t head out far into the water. Being so picturesque you will even find photo shoots going on around the walled town, and posh and special they look too!

Clock tower from the Cricket Ground

Just outside the wall you have one of the most beautiful cricket grounds in the world. And then you are into Galle proper where the food is cheaper and more traditional, and we found a sort of pharmacy dispensing Ayurveda medicine which in itself was very interesting.

Ayurveda Pharmacy in Galle

Galle was devastated by the tsunami in 2004, but today appears to have fully recovered and rebuilt. I trust you will enjoy some of my better photos of this place!

The only way to get about Galle!
Street in the tourist area of Galle
School kids discover Galle
Scales in Ayurveda Pharmacy
Lunch devoured at a local restaurant outside the fort area
Galle’s walls hold out the ocean

Fancy decorated tuk-tuk
Field trip to Galle
Galle is the place for a sizzling photo shoot
Galle Train Station
Galle’s famous lighthouse
Cricket ground and roundabout just outside the walls of Galles fortified city
Craftsman at work
Classic car in Galle
Buying Bananas in a local grocer
A very white church in Galle

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Thanks for popping by – May the Journey Never End!

9 thoughts on “Galle, Sri Lanka – Through My Lens!

  1. Interesting, I’d like to visit Sri Lanka at some point. My cousin stayed at the same hotel in which the terrible atrocities occurred, only leaving a few days earlier. It must have been horrific for everyone there at the time and destroyed tourism in the short term at least. Thanks for posting Andy.

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