Eurovision – Love Shine a Light

Howdy all. The Eurovision Song Contest final should have been held last Saturday. Followers of the blog will no doubt know that I am a huge fan of Eurovision. So anyways, thanks to the situation the entire world finds itself in right now, the contest was cancelled this year. However, they did manage to hold a show of sorts involving all the contestants (I think all) who would have participated across Europe and indeed Australia. They finished with a beautiful rendition of the 1997 winning song ‘Love Shine A Light’ from Katrina and the Waves, which has become almost the unofficial anthem of Eurovision.

So today I am sharing this beautiful rendition with you.

Also, for good measure, if you want to see the entire thing (which includes a special appearance from one of the members of a certain Swedish pop group who won the contest in 1974!) then here it is too!


Thanks for popping by as always, and as always – May the Journey Never End!


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