Lyon – Through My Lens

Allonsy a France mes amis! Oui, today I am having a look at how my camera at the time found the beautiful city of Lyon, in France. This city almost made my ‘Favourite Cities‘ list from Sunday (check it out if you haven’t already) and is certainly my favourite city in France. It’s historic, built on the confluence of the Seine and Rhine RIvers, so the majority of it is in a bit of a culdesac. But there’s more – even Roman ruins overlooking the city from one of the hills, and it’s home to the puppet ‘Guignol’ – an answer to ‘Punch and Judy’. and his own theatre. Actually, he also has his own museum. Anyways, it was boiling hot when I was there so I remember having a swim. I had to buy bathers as apparently shorts aren’t allowed, that’s something I remember. The city had many different sections and feels to it. Quite special. Enjoy!

A somewhat creepy apartment building
Bicycles all in a row
Cathedral overlooking Lyon
Central Lyon
Inside the cathedral
Inside the Puppet Theatre
Interesting streets and buildings
Looking down from the ruins
Lyon Cathedral
Lyon over the Seine River
Lyon Rooftops

Puppet Master in Lyon
Puppets in action on stage
Puppets in Storage
Reflection of Buildings
Riverside Lyon
Riverside Pool
Roman ruins in Lyon
room in Lumiere museum
Seine River
Statue Close Up Lyon
Statue Lyon


Thanks for visiting today – May the Journey Never End!

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