Cusco, Peru – Through My Lens

Hi All, it’s time for another photographic post, and today I’ve gone with some shots from Cusco, Peru. Not sure why I haven’t posted photos from this particularly photogenic city in the mountains, where the surrounding hills make for a magnificent backdrop. The ancient Incan ruins of Qorikancha are located in Cusco. The Santa Domingo Monastery/Chuch sits partially over them now, and either way it’s an important historic site. Despite being mainly known as the hop-off point for getting to Machu Picchu, Cusco has a lot to offer in its own right! Enjoy!

Costumes for parade in central Cusco
Cusco Cathedrat at Plaza de Armas
Fountain in Cusco
Hills above Cusco
Image from Qorikancha and the Iglesia Santa Domingo
Parade in Cusco
Plaza De Armas Panorama
Plaza de Armas
Quiet Cusco Street
Santa Domingo Convent
Sign on wall in Qorikancha
Steep Cusco Steps
View from Qorikancha


Thanks for joining me for another ‘virtual’ look at an amazing place! May the Journey Never End!

4 thoughts on “Cusco, Peru – Through My Lens

    1. 😦 oh well. i hope it works out for you. i might return next year myself. probably not i have 1000 ideas in my head for travel when i can again. but we will see I want to return to Machu Picchu thanks for stopping by

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