My Incredible Vacation 2020!

Hi all! Well, I may not have got to go to the Philippines as planned this year, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t get to enjoy a marvellous holiday at an undisclosed location, but let’s just say that with some time off work in the last week I have managed to have some ‘time away from it all’ staying at a wonderful placed managed by this guy call Andy, or actually I think he prefers ‘Andrew’. I’ll give you a hint, it’s located in Melbourne. But he’s a private person and doesn’t want too many people coming and staying with him as I guess it’s only a small business.

I checked in last Tuesday. I did go out on the first day though to help with things, visiting an essential service called ‘Centrelink’ on behalf of someone who is not myself. Sadly I can’t recommend this place. They called the people they served ‘customers’, but then were incredibly short with them, and when there were clear mistakes on their part, passed their ‘customers’ over to other workers and then to others again, without communicating the issues to the next customer service officer, and then blamed customers for their errors.

I wondered what other delights might lie in the area of where I was staying, and I got to travel to this amazing Swedish place. My host needed my help to buy a new cabinet for the accommodation, and as I like to get involved and have a real subversive experience on my holidays, I helped out pushing the cart around and finding the correct items at this wonderful world called ‘Ikea’, which was only slightly less soulless than ‘Centrelink’.

The accommodation seemed comfortable enough and familiar, although central heating and gas hot water would really improve the place as it hasn’t been especially warm this week. Luckily, the Wi-Fi speeds were decent enough (although he tells me he has to swap to the NBN sometime soon and he’s concerned that won’t go smoothly) so I was able to work on my blog and do a little writing. Not as much as I would like –  I soon found I had a cold sadly. But that’s okay because of all the things there were to do inside this unexpected establishment. Concentration wasn’t so easy, but apparently one of the cool things to do in the region is head to a shopping centre, stay in your car and allow someone in a blue gown to stick a Q-tip down your throat and up your nose, so I thought I’d might as well have a go!

As for the food, it’s been okay and luckily this place is not too far out that it doesn’t get Uber Eats. The host also has looked after me by making these salami, tomato and pickles toasted sandwiches which have gone down a treat.

I was recruited to help assemble the cabinet, which took more energy than I realised, but again, it’s always nice to help out around the place to feel like you’re having the ‘full experience’, I think it looks all right, don’t you? I also got to help move another lot of shelves around and put a broken set out on the nature strip!

The facilities are so-so. The bathroom is small and the bath only half-sized so not really useful for anything. And the hot water takes FOREVER to get going in the morning. I will commend my host for his selection of DVDs and Blu-rays though, it seems he anticipated my likes with all episodes of ‘The Goodies’ and ‘Doctor Who’ along with a host of other things I like to watch. Couldn’t have chosen better if I had chosen myself!

Still a couple of days left here at the homestead. What else have I done? Well there are therapies offered here – they have a diffuser which runs different scents and helps clear the airways which is nice. And the couch stretches out so you can have your legs up too!

All in all, I suspect I’ll end up here again. It’s very convenient at the very least. I’d love to share the details with you of this place I’ve stayed, but I respect the host’s right to privacy! Thanks for popping in today – May the Journey Never End!

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