Corona Virus, Lockdowns and Conspiracies

Howdy all. It’s Monday which means I usually present something related to what we have been going through lately in regards to life in the times of Covid-19. I’ve been blessed to have so many contribute to posts about life in lockdown in many different global locations across the world, and I plan to include my own story too but not this week. Well, I mean this week you will hear something of my story.

Monday generally had become the day when I wrote about things to eat, do and see in Australia, but right now there seems little point and besides, I haven’t had the chance to experience these things in at least six weeks. As it stands, we look like next week may see some easing of restrictions. The fear of a second wave of course looms large if we do, the government has put out an app to keep track of people who have it and I believe if you have the app it will tell you if you come in contact with someone with the virus. Seems like an opportunity to create panic now that I think about it, and I think we’ve had about enough of that to last us at least ten years.

Down the hole…

So a couple of weeks ago I saw a link on Facebook or somewhere and I followed it down a rabbit-warren of links, mostly through YouTube, to a bunch of conspiracy concepts that in the light of day with good mental health seem ridiculous. But it was a Saturday, much like the one I am experiencing today as I write, where I would have normally had an 8-hour shift, but it’s one of my shifts that has been cancelled (in fairness I have lost maybe two shifts a fortnight and compared to others I am blessed in that regard) and of course there was nowhere to go but the supermarket and so I lost half a day to these ‘theories’. Needless to say by the end of it I was more weary than after doing a 12 hour shift!

I had intended on yesterday’s ‘Covid Cam’ to be on conspiracies. In fact I filmed it. But then decided against editing and putting it up because it was nothing but rambling which went on far longer than I had ever intended and left me wondering if I didn’t actually believe every single thing I’d heard and seen that day on YouTube. Which I don’t. Instead I whipped up a video of me in isolation to the rocking tune of Heart’s ‘Alone’ which I thoroughly recommend you watch if you need a good laugh. You can see it HERE.

And writing allows you to put things down in a more structured way, with nice little subheadings if you like and illustrate it with pictures and the like. And much of what I viewed was not directly related to the Corona Virus. But then, the Corona Virus itself is spouting a bunch of conspiracies and some do relate back to older ones. Donald Trump seems to end up in the middle of everything because he’s apparently fighting all the bad guys who secretly are controlling the world right now.

How did Covid-19 Start?

Let’s start though with the Corona Virus and its origins. Which is believed to be a wet market in Wuhan China. It is fact that in the past, viruses have been shown to jump from animal to human, including Corona Viruses – which Covid-19 is another one of. The fact though that a lab not far from said market exists, the highest level biolab in China has muddied the waters here. In fact, it appears they were doing Corona Virus research there. Intelligence agencies from the USA and Australia have said that it appears the virus did not come from the lab. But we have calls also from the leadership of both countries for an independent inquiry into the viruses origins.

Then I hear people pointing at Dr Fauci, asking if this virus was man made (official channels say it does not appear to be) and so on. Then couple this with others saying that the virus isn’t nearly as bad as people say and that this lockdown is completely unnecessary. Is this the ‘Deep State’, or whoever trying to deliberately tank the world’s economy, usher in a new world order where we live under global governance and are all microchipped in a cashless society? Is it run by illuminati who are mostly Hollywood A-listers or Clintons?

Back to somewhat more steady ground for a moment (but not very steady) a video that did the rounds before being removed I believe from YouTube for spreading false information (and that in itself fuels conspiracies) I saw earlier this was pointing to lockdowns being pointless and that this thing wasn’t nearly as dangerous as authorities made out. The Californian doctor extrapolated the figures of tested people to the entire population of the states. What he neglected to consider was that the people tested were tested for a reason – symptoms of the virus or contact with others who had had the virus etc. The point was that when you extrapolated the figures and compared to those who died (these figures were not extrapolated) a much smaller portion had died from the virus. So what are we all worried about?

Corona Virus Figures

To explain, imagine the percentage of positive tests being averaged out across a country. But those who have died from it are only the ones reported. Therefore it’s a tiny portion who have died. He then compared Sweden to Norway, Sweden has not been in lockdown and Norway has, and he claimed the difference between the death rates in the two countries was basically negligible. According to as of the 2nd of May, a few days after the video was put up, Sweden has had 2,653 deaths as opposed to Norway’s 210 with nearly three times as many infections. I personally think the info there says quite clearly the opposite.

But these videos go viral and accompanied by a raft of comments of support saying how the video proves this and that. It’s all very depressing really because you need to take a critical mind to these things. It’s actually I think quite reasonable to take a critical view to the ‘Mainstream media’, but in fact you need to take it to everything you hear. To take a critical view of everything from CNN and then not question a word that comes out of the current President of the USA makes no sense. The world is divided like it has never been divided before – people will use the terms ‘left’ and ‘right’, but it is clear that ideologies have less to with it rather than personal beliefs and interests.

Also, similar people were posting on Facebook a month ago that the Corona Virus was nothing compared to the flu. In 2017 the USA had one of the worst flu seasons ever where around 61,000 people died from the flu. At the time there were around 2000 deaths in the States from Covid-19 which apparently proved that it was insignificant. Well, right now at the start of May it’s at 65,000 deaths in the States and they are having around 2000 or more dying per day. And that is WITH lockdown.

Is it all about Bill Gates?

Then enter Bill Gates. The question is – is he a benefactor or a person trying to stamp us all with some sort of device that not only tells if we have been vaccinated but probably every other detail of our lives? I mean, in some ways it seems odd that the Microsoft Billionaire is so into vaccines. And so the conspiracies go further to say he wants to do this and wants to do that. It extended to say that he some hand in the Biolab in Wuhan, but I can see no real proof that he has any connection to them. Is it conceivable that this man in daggy jumpers has a secret plan to control us all?

Time will tell, won’t it? I think the more depressed and anxious you are, the more stir crazy you get and the more stir crazy you get the more open you are to ideas that are, shall we say, ‘extreme’. A man called David Icke who once appeared on TV claiming to be Jesus (and an ex-footballer of all things) has a cult following and has been peddling theories about Corona Virus has just had his Facebook Page shut down – there are loads of reasons, he has suggested some absurd things in the paths such as the German Government was going to legalize rape for Muslims (I know, WTF???) and believes that the British Royal Family are in fact alien lizards in disguise. And he has a following! Other lines of conspiracy beliefs will take you stories of illuminating running a paedophile ring to drink the blood of children to maintain youthful looks – this is the one suggesting the Hollywood A-listers are recruited to this cult which may or may not involve the Clintons.

An Open Mind is Imperative in 2020!

Look, I am not against having an open mind. But I do warn you if you start to research this stuff you will find yourself in a hole that is very hard to dig yourself out of! I can not describe just how weirded out and depressed I felt after watch a string of bizarre videos. And again – it is fair enough to question people’s interests, conflicts of interests in positions of power are found EVERYWHERE. Both sides of politics but whatever side we are on we for some reason tend to overlook it when it is shown up on our side. And yes, the media has it interests too. Does Donald Trump have a point about the media being anti-him? I daresay he does. Does that then mean you just accept everything he says? Hell no! The truth is never one person’s absolute.

Comments Welcome!

I have a filter, YOU have a filter. We see things the way we do for many reasons – our own political leanings, beliefs, which are informed from our experiences and the people we have known for our lives. ‘Objectiveness’ is a utopian ideal that I honestly don’t believe we can ever hope to be. No one person can EVER be 100% objective. We can try, and indeed we should.

Wow. That too turned into a bit of a ramble, eh? Please add thoughts if the urge takes you – and also, please be nice. I don’t think I’ve ever had an offensive comment, one of the advantages of not having a lot of visitors to your blog, but I do reserve the right to delete comments I feel are inappropriate. It is my blog after all.

If you got through this post, well done! Thanks for reading, normal service will be resumed tomorrow! May the Journey Never End!

10 thoughts on “Corona Virus, Lockdowns and Conspiracies

  1. I really wonder the mindset of a lot of people, even in ordinary times. But when something like this happens it gives you a true picture of how wacky people are. I’ve had one of our readers send me links from right wing media on Obama (Muslim terrorist), on flu vaccines (a hoax!), and on the virus itself (is it really happening? Another hoax!). This guy is articulate, seemingly highly educated – but how does he come up with this stuff?
    Over the last 6 years travelling full time we’ve met lots of people and have heard many conspiracy theories. On 9/11 (done by the US government). Many don’t believe in climate change. And the shocking thing that I heard last year (and I hear that it’s a growing movement): the flat-earthers! People who actually believe the world is flat. The guy we met who beleived this managed a gym in Split.
    I really think we’re going backwards as a civilization.

    1. its a real concern I guess. And I think one of the reasons is the internet Frank. It links people. Anyways don’t stress too much Trump is clearly there to save the world. Well, people believe that…

  2. I agree. The conspiracy theories re coronavirus are a rabbit hole that’s difficult to dig yourself out of when you start. I try my best to ignore the coronavirus conspiracy theories and even the daily statistics updates on new cases and deaths. There’s no point in me worrying and being depressed over it. I just try to protect myself as best as I can, and hope this dreadful pandemic doesn’t affect me or any of my loved ones. My heart goes out to all the families this disease has affected though, either with illness, death, grief and the longer term repercussions like unemployment, poverty and despair.

  3. A great post, Andy! I feel like my whole world has turned upside down, and that might be the case for a lot of people. And then happens, people look for a more tangible target to blame and hence the proliferation of conspiracy theories. I have to keep reminding myself to focus on the things I can control, etc…

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