Time to Review my Travel Bucket List!

Howdy all. I have no idea why I start so many posts with that, it just seems to, well, happen. Anyhoo, today I thought it was probably about time I re-evaluated my travel bucket list. Here we are in the midst of lockdown, plans for the Philippines gone down the plug hole, and many of the things I had on my bucket list, which I did back in April 2014 – and here is that list!

It’s been six long years. And with the last three weeks feeling like another six weeks. And so firstly let’s look at what I have achieved, and what I haven’t in regards to this list. And see if the un-seen places on the list are still relevant to how I feel these days.

Places I’ve ticked off

Machu Picchu

I got here in 2016 when I finally hit the continent of South America. It was an amazing place, but I guess all in all I was a tad disappointed because firstly I got bad weather – a little rain and a lot of clouds which certainly obscured views unfortunately. The train ride and getting there was spectacular and even with the clouds, Machu Picchu was undoubtedly a special place on earth.

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

San Crsitobel Island, Galapagos.

I was right to be excited about Ecuador. I think it was my favourite South American country. But the main reason is the Galapagos Islands – which were even better and more amazing than I imagined.

Turkmenistan and Tajikistan

I was surprised to find these on my list. I presume it was more Turkmenistan than Tajikistan that took my fancy. But as great as it was last year to go to Turkmenistan, it was Tajikistan that I would go back to. It was such a varied country, much more open than Turkmenistan. Both in the end I think we rewarding places to visit.

Places I’m yet to Visit

Gorillas and Rwanda

Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

So a trip to the Gorillas is both expensive and a bit of work to organise, but Rwanda still remains a place I’d like to visit. All I hear about this country is very positive, and so I hope to get hear eventually. Maybe in around five years if it can be arranged.

Western Australia

There was a chance to get there this year, but it might not be even possible and I think any trip somewhere is unlikely now. Who knows, by November travel may be more possible, at least domestically. Here’s hoping!

New Additions to the List

Southern Africa

Okay, so now that it seems it will be a long time until I am able to leave Australia again – I’m talking I can’t see international travel being practical at least this year, I am turning my gaze towards next year. My father has been talking up going to Southern Africa – Botswana & Zambia mostly, mid-next year probably around June. So it’s something I decided to start thinking about too and who knows, maybe we can travel together for a short time. Although all attempts previously have not worked out. Personally I am more looking at Namibia, possibly Zimbabwe. Dad is looking at a number of safaris in his time there, whereas I would likely just do one or two as they are somewhat pricey. I have already been toying with possible routes and itineraries because this is the sort of thing that keeps me going. Fingers crossed that June 2021 is doable. If a vaccine is out by the end of the year, well then maybe it will be! I love African travel and it’s nearly ten years since I was last there. It is a genuine adventure and this is a part of Africa I haven’t been near before!


Through The Travels of BBQ and Spanky I have been introduced to the town of Lviv or Lvov if you prefer in the Ukraine. They stayed there for quite a while, as they are ‘slow travellers’ and I am thinking that I would like to try a month in Lviv. It looks like such a beautiful city and they both seemed to have had a wonderful and rewarding time living there, and with Kiev and other places a train ride away, I think this would be a great place to park for a while and see what ‘slower’ travel is like. I have an eye to around 5 years for now for this, as I will be due long service leave if I stick at my current job here. I would also like to park down in the UK for a few weeks too.

Get Back to Iceland and Do it Properly

Akuyeyri in Northern Iceland

I have always felt disappointed since I went to Iceland that I didn’t explore the place properly. This may mean camping at times and renting a vehicle. Maybe something for my trip in five years time if time allows. Five years in my life seems like a lifetime away, but it will depend on how much annual leave I can squeeze in too. Rwanda might also be something I’d look at squeezing in, but I don’t want to do this one fast, so I will try and hold myself back.

Colombia and a return to South America

I think of all the countries I haven’t been to in South America, Colombia is the one I’d really like to visit. It’s become a more popular destination of late, and so I am keen to sample a bit of it. My wife is keen to return to Argentina as well, and I confess I would like to head way south in that country. Who knows when this might be possible? It all depends on how the next 24 months pans out I guess. This may be one I need to push back quite a few years I think.

Santuario de Las Lajas, Colombia

Thanks for stopping by today. Has this period of isolation led you to examine your travel bucket list, or indeed a general life bucket list? As far as general life goes, owning a house is on mine and I have started saving, which will, on my salary, mean travel may not be as frequent as I’d like over the next decade or two. We will see how things pan out. Thanks for reading today – May the Journey Never End!

12 thoughts on “Time to Review my Travel Bucket List!

  1. It looks like most of us are have to tweaking our travel bucket lists, at least for this year anyway. Your view of Machu Picchu still looked mystical despite the cloud cover! Also I highly recommend the gorilla trek and hope you get a chance to go soon. Uganda is another great place to do that and a beautiful country as well.

    1. I do want to get to Uganda as well as Rwanda, and Kenya. And now I am thinking if I get the chance to get back to Machu Picchu in the hope of less clouds, I might try! thanks for commenting!

  2. This is a great bucket list Andy! I particularly like your South American adventures and I think Rwanda will be a good one for the safaris. Tho Kenya is great too, so I hear.
    I’m also examining places I’ll like to explore in my city and I’ve earmarked some in Lagos I’ll drop by once this is over.
    Thanks for sharing Andy!

  3. spankynet1

    Andy I really hope you do make it to Ukraine. I love Lviv almost as much as I love Split…and that’s a lot. I can easily live long term in either place. I’m keeping our fingers (and toes) crossed that we can resume travel in 2020. Some are predicting that travel will return to some kind of “normal” in 2021. I really hope that is not the case.

    1. thanks! Well I am looking at 2024 or 25 as a chance to take long service leave and have a wonderful 3-4 month break with a month there! fingers crossed! I think ‘normal’… for travel… well the normal will be different i think

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