CovidCam #3 – Level 3 Restrictions and My Travel Diaries

Howdy all. Today it’s time for another CovidCam. In the third installment of this semi-regular feature on my blog/youtube channel I talk and demonstrate what ‘Level 3’ Restrictions mean here in Australia, and take some time out to show you what my travel diaries tend to look like and some of the goodies inside!

Thanks for popping by today – May the Journey Never End!

2 thoughts on “CovidCam #3 – Level 3 Restrictions and My Travel Diaries

  1. They’re doing stuff like this now in Japan too – taping off playgrounds and things like that. You’re travel diaries are very like the ones I used to keep ❤ I used to write a memoir and stick in coins, postcards and tickets too 🙂 Unfortunately, nowadays I'm lucky to have to write a paragraph, but I have kept all the bits and pieces in the hope one day I can put the diaries together properly. Great vid, you're a natural.

    1. its become part of my travel routine (diary) actually since 1999. When I wasnt very good. now I am actually quite disciplined about it, But then I didnt back up my photos to a cloud and blog back in the day, all of which take up a fair amount of my evenings when I travel now. so there is a downside. thanks for commenting.

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