Corona Cam #1 – A Trip to the Supermarket

With a little more time on my hands and a chance to improving my vlogging a bit, and the chance to document life whilst we live in the time of COVID-19, also known as the Corona Virus, and with no chance for international travel on the horizon, I thought I’d start up a new little web series which will show how life is in Melbourne at the moment for me, and also let you learn a little more about myself at the same time! Hence I present Covid Cam! In Episode One I go to the supermarket, Woolworths and try to buy pasta and sauce. Will I succeed? Will I have Subway for lunch? What is open and what isn’t right now in a local shopping centre? These, and many more questions will be answered in – Corona Cam #1 – A Trip to the Supermarket!

How are you experiencing life right now? Please do comment! And May the Journey Never End!

7 thoughts on “Corona Cam #1 – A Trip to the Supermarket

  1. If there were no pandemic, I would be in Melbourne this week 😦 . Watching your video, what surprises me is that not many people using masks.. it is very quiet in Jakarta, but toilet paper seemed not the ones emptied and people are not panicking buying specific items. I hope it is not getting worse and stay healthy, Andy!

  2. Nenkinseikatsu

    In the States they’re called “liquor stores” most commonly; you may also hear the term “package store”. I’m happy to see that you are alive and well, and I enjoyed the report.

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