Bolivia’s Isla Del Sol – In Pictures

Howdy all on this Tuesday, I hope it finds you well wherever you may be – hauled up at home in lockdown, or otherwise in these strange strange times. I’ve a photo post for you today – from Bolivia’s Isla Del Sol, an island in Lake Titicaca on the border with Peru. It’s a brilliant day trip from Copacabana, a small lakeside Bolivian town, where visitors can do a day hike and get back by sundown, or stay on the island if you so choose. There are some ancient ruins on the island too, and a path that runs kinda north-south which is very popular and what I did. People do live on the island, albeit not a lot, there are a couple of small villages and quite a few animal. Enjoy!

Isla del Sol remote beach

Another Isla del Sol Beach

Ruins on Isla Del Sol
Sheep Isla del Sol
Hiking trail on Isla Del Sol
Over the hill at Isla Del Sol
Mules hard at work on the Isla Del Sol
A friendly Isla del Sol local


Thanks for taking a peak today – For More Info on Isla Del Sol check my post here – A Hike on the Isla Del Sol

May the Journey Never End!

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