The Long Journey Home…

Boarding Emirates

Well yes. I am home, safely in Melbourne now after a somewhat long journey from Lisbon which involved three flights with Emirates and Qantas. I am still in very much a daze here and don’t feel particularly functional, despite having a long night’s sleep last night. It’s kinda like being in the twilight zone, and despite original intentions, I haven’t even left my unit today. I barely feel awake, and yet I don’t think I’m particularly jet lagged.

The story of getting home is barely vaguely interesting. Three flights of 6.5 – 7 hours each, with a long layover of nine hours in Singapore, a much shorter one in Dubai. What can I tell you? Lisbon Airport – a little strange, but it’s much easier flying out of Europe from a less-busy airport such as CDG or Heathrow. Got there by train at peak hour and had a guy trying to pick my pocket on said train – there was little room to breathe let alone move. Luckily I’d moved my wallet to my bag, Check in at Lisbon was brilliant as we were 3.5 hours early for the flight. Second in line, didn’t have to wait, barely any passengers there. Turned around and left the counter after checking in, there were at least 100 waiting. Unbelievable.

The flight was barely half-full, which is always nice. Didn’t sleep – I wanted to get as much sleep on the second flight. Left Lisbon 130pm, arrived Dubai 120am. Well, we left a bit later than that, delayed. I found Dubai Airport to be very busy for the middle of the night, and the prices to be pretty outrageous. Around 2 hours there, then a full A380 took us to Singapore. This one was 10 minutes late or so, but the most on time flight of all. I tried and tried to sleep, I managed 45 minutes.

At Singapore I had pre-booked a six-hour stay at the Transit Hotel. It was most well-received! In fact, of those six hours I slept five! And then a shower and teeth, nearly felt human again. Left Dubai at 340am or so, arrived Singapore 220pm. Flying back against the spin of the Earth makes it hard for the body to adjust, but the flight time was around 6 hours 40 minutes. I was worried the sleep would mean I would be wide awake for the final leg, but in fact I could sleep Singapore to Melbourne.

Rain at Singapore

Dinner at Changi

That flight left nearly an hour late – we took off around 1230am and arrived around 1030am, it was just under 7 hours in the air. Three hour time difference there. I snagged around three hours sleep, and had to be happy with that. Total time – I can’t even wrap my brain around that, but I’d say around 30 hours in total with the layovers. I tried to sleep in the afternoon yesterday but couldn’t, went to bed at 9pm ish and slept for 12 hours almost solid.

Hmmmm, this post has been 99% about my sleeping habits. Well, I left on Thursday and arrived back Saturday, but here I am. I’m not sure how the rest of the month and year will go on the blog. I may not post as often though as I have a bit of blog burn out. Knowing me though, I may well post a lot too. So much to review, write and reflect on/about! Thanks as always for stopping by! May the Journey Never End!

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