Knowing Melbourne – City Circle tram

A very quick one today. Transport in Melbourne – Greater Melbourne, can be a headache to say the least. And if you’re heading to Melbourne any time soon, be aware that there are more works going on regarding the trams and trains (and also roads) than I have ever seen at one time before.

Although the inner city transport is quite comprehensive in Melbourne, there further out you go the less well-connected it becomes. And with a population increasing at a seriously unbridled pace, the infrastructure simply cannot keep up with it. Right now they are tunnelling under Melbourne for this Metro tunnel and there are grand designs to expand and improve the whole network, which look like they will take a long long time. Many years. Simply put – it’s been left for far too long.

So this means that tracks have been dug up, tram stops are being redone to allow wheelchair access and more. I hoped to do a video for about the City Circle tram. Melbourne has a FREE tram service which circles the CBD coming every half hour or so. I say or so because a few weeks before I left I was in the city waiting for the tram and I waited a good 45-60 minutes and no tram came. Then one passed going the other way.

But as a visitor it’s very useful because you know where it will go. It goes up and along Lonsdale street, sweeps around the docklands area and back to Flinders street. Then up Russel street and back to La Trobe street again (there is a stop outside the State Library).

However, on the day I attempted to catch the thing and ultimately didn’t, track works were happening on Flinders street so I presume it wasn’t doing a full circuit. The thing to know it, all trams in the inner city zone (which I believe is marked on the signs) are actually free. But leave the zone and you need a valid Myki card. The trams seems to go along every second major street in Melbourne, so that makes it really useful if you’re a visitor and are staying in Melbourne. And the other trams also are a lot more frequent that the City Circle Tram.

Thanks for popping by today as always – and may the Journey Never End!

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