Moving on to Iskanderkul and Khujand

Howdy all. You join me in Khojund which is in the north of Tajikistan. Unfortunately I have been struck down with something which seems to happen every time I travel these days. Last night I was very sick and had a bad fever but it broke over night and I’m having a day in to recover and hopefully will be on my way tomorrow.

But since I last blogged I have been busy nonetheless. From Dushanbe two days ago I was on the road from the lake of Iskanderkul a place so beautiful the President built his retreat here.

It was an exciting drive in a share taxi to the lake. The main route up Tajikistan climbs quickly and we were soon driving through snow. The Anzob Tunnel is known as the ‘Tunnel of Death’ and is five kilometres long with no lighting one lane each way. And there were workmen in there!

From exiting the tunnel we were below the snowline once again and then transferred at Sarvoda for the lake.

I walked from the town of Sary Tag to and halfway around this beautiful lake of Iskanderkul and Had a Homestay t that night.

Then yesterday I made it here to Khujand where there is a reconstruction of part of an ancient fortress. I’ve been here in my hotel room though for the most part sick. Feeling a lot better now but fingers crossed as I am yet to have a meal in nearly two days.

All things going well I should be moving on to Penjakent tomorrow. Thanks for popping by! May the Journey Never End!

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