An Early Morning Flight with Tiger Air

Flying can be pretty awesome, can’t it? I never cease to be amazed by the fact that such a ridiculously heavy thing such as an aeroplane can get off the ground. My most recent little getaway, last month to the Gold Coast, saw me take budget airline Tiger Airways. From Singapore they are basically known as SCOOT these days, however in Australia they still fly domestically as Tiger.

The base fare for the 2 hour flight from Melbourne to the Gold Coast was around $96AUD (about $67US) but I aid $123 which included checked baggage up to 15 kilograms I think and express check in. The flight was a 705am flight, and although it’s annoying to get up at 430 for a 5am Uber, the advantages are that there’s a pretty clear run to the airport which is just warming up for the day and isn’t as crazy busy as it will be a few hours later.

Also, I figure at that time of day you are less likely to face a delay as one delayed flight pushes back the next one and the next so on. With few flights before my 705am, there was less chance that other flights had caused delays along the line to 705am.

The express check in was not needed as few were there using the automatic check in facilities at 545am. The line at security wasn’t long either at that time of day. The flight left within 10 minutes of its scheduled time which is basically considered early in budget airlines.

I didn’t pre-order food and I didn’t buy any on board, although I had my breakfast at the terminal. I pulled out the action camera and shot some take off and touch down for the flight – the main reason I did this post was so that I could share them here.

Service was straight forward without any trimmings. The weather was decent, a warm day was to be had in Melbourne, warmer than y destination, the Gold Coast. We touched down slightly earlier than scheduled, in both leaving and arriving we had to walk across the tarmac to and from the plane.

You have a fairly high risk of delays and cancellations flying Tiger, the cheapest (although sometimes Jetstar can be cheaper) of the airlines flying domestically in Australia, but I’ve had around half a dozen flights with Tiger without issue. The same cannot be said of my experiences with Jetstar.

Tiger does have a much more limited destination list though, so that must make it easier to operate. It flies out of the most recently built terminal at Melbourne, Terminal 4, which itself has a bit of a budget feel compared to the rest of the airport. But any part of the airport in Melbourne can feel hectic, it really isn’t the greatest international airport in the world.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Take offs and landings are always pretty cool, and this gives you a look at the northern outskirts of Melbourne from above. Thanks for reading – May the Journey Never End!

2 thoughts on “An Early Morning Flight with Tiger Air

  1. I’ll watch airplane takeoffs and landings all day long! I guess you’re a window seat fan like me. The whole notion of flight is so awe-inspiring to me that even after hundreds of flights, I’m like a little kid at the window!

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