Hotel Review – Mantra Legends Hotel, Surfer’s Paradise

I booked the Mantra Legends just over a month before heading to Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I got a pretty decent rate (although websites do such a great job at making you THINK you got a good rate, sometimes it’s pretty hard to tell) at a little under $120AUD a night, it was rated four star, but still I wasn’t sure exactly what I would find.

Poolside at the Mantra Legends

Apparently, over the last few years the company Mantra had bought up a whole bunch of Gold Coast hotels, there certainly were a number with the Mantra tag across town. The location is great, five mins walk from the main shopping strip, close to Sky Point Tower (also known as QTower), two minutes from the beach and the surf, with a tram outside as well.

Bar and Lobby

The lobby is large, and there are a number of restaurants either part of the hotel or just outside. There’s a nice looking pool I didn’t get around to using, and there is the usual concierge service which can book tours and theme park passes, as well as the usual concierge things such as luggage minding. There is a good drop off/pick up point outside on Laycock street as well.

The staff were fine, not outstanding but efficient and helpful enough. There was wifi, I got it for free as I join their Mantra+ club, however otherwise I think you had to pay for it.

The room was spacious enough – I had the King room. There was a little bench top for cooking including two electric hot plates, and a convection oven. A small fridge doubled as the mini-bar, the selection inside was limited.

From the Balcony
Another balcony view

There was a balcony, very small, but from the 14th floor it offered a very decent view. The air conditioning seemed a bit outdated and hard to keep consistent. The wifi required me to call an IT assistance number to get working. TV was mounted on the wall opposite the bed, I think 32 inch, and I could watch video files from a USB on it which was great.

The bathroom was the issue. It was very small and seemed dated with a tiny bathtub and brown tiles. The door looked quite worn and there wasn’t a fan that I could find, and so after a shower the whole bathroom was fogged up. The shower, however, was hot and with great pressure.

All in all, for the price the Mantra Legends was probably about what you’d expect. I think 4 stars is a little over rated, perhaps 3 and a half would have been more appropriate.

Andy’s Ratings:

Value For Money: 3.5/5

Location: 4/5

Cleanliness: 3/5

Noise: 4/5

Service: 3.5/5

TOTAL: 18/25 (72/100)


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