Eurovision #ThrowbackThursday – Winners from Ireland

One country that truly say they have conquered Eurovision (albeit not since the mid-90s) is the Republic of Ireland. They have won an astonishing SEVEN times, including three in a row and four in five years! Here they are, all of them in chronological order.

    1. 1970 Dana – All kinds of Everything

This is not really the world’s greatest track. It’s a bit dreary and really, the other songs must have been rather dire that year. Nevertheless this was Ireland’s first win and started the ball rolling.

    1. 1980 Johnny Logan – What’s Another Year?

Johnny Logan is without a doubt a Eurovision Legend, not only did he win the thing twice, he also wrote the winning song for Ireland on another occasion. This is his first win.

    1. 1987 Johnny Logan – Hold Me Now

Seven years later and Johnny was back, with an awesome power ballad.

    1. 1992 Linda Martin – Why Me?

Linda Martin powered ahead with this song, written by two-time champ Johnny Logan. It’s a classic just like ‘Hold Me Now’.

    1. 1993 Niamh Kavanagh – In Your Eyes
    1. 1994 Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan

After back-to-back wins, they really didn’t want to win it a third time apparently, and this song wasn’t rated much of a chance, HA! It’s a classic you can’t help singing along to!

    1. 1996 Eimarr Quinn – The Voice

After a year’s rest, the Eurovision crown returned again to Ireland thanks to this mystical Celtic tune that is haunting and quite beautiful.


But until the present, this was their last success. Since then we’ve had televoting brought in, semi-finals, and quite a few changes. In response, Ireland gave Europe Dustin the Turkey and a few songs that could only be classified as turkeys! Nevertheless, Ireland sit proudly with seven wins. Thanks for stopping by – and May the Journey Never End!

2 thoughts on “Eurovision #ThrowbackThursday – Winners from Ireland

  1. Where is the “cheers / kampai / slainte (as we say in Ireland!)” button!!! Did you write this one just for me!! Teehee. Just seeing Johnny Logan (who hasn’t changed a bit) brought it all flooding back. I tell ya, and I am not a bit ashamed to admit this as many are, I was in tears of pride watching Riverdance live on TV that famed night… one of the times we hosted, can’t remember who’d won that we were hosting the Eurovision … once again!! (Insert cheeky grin here!)

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