Brisbane from the River (via City Hopper)

Hi all! Today is more of a photographic post – images from the Brisbane River of the city of the same name from the free ferry that goes up and down the river delivering people to different stops on the way – the City Hopper.

As a visitor to Brisbane, it’s a great way to introduce yourself to the city. For starters, it’s FREE! Which has always been my favourite price! The stops vary in size, I hopped on at Dockside as it was closest to my hotel. This was just a little platform moored to the side of the river, interestingly they thought it was necessary to put a sign on the entrance pertaining to the fact that segways were not allowed on the Cityhopper.

It went one stop to Sydney Street, and then went for the return journey up the river, around a U bend or two, under the Storey Bridge, and then I alighted at Southbank 3, which seemed to be the place to be with loads of restaurants and the like. The ferry finishes at North Quay.

The view is actually very picturesque, the only thing is that the ferry is very very slow! So it won’t get you anywhere in a hurry. Some locals do use it to get around though, and it’s a nice to sit on top for the views. Anyways – enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by – May the Journey Never End.

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