Sarajevo – Through my Lens

Hi folks. Looks like this week we’re heading to Bosnia-Hercegovina. On the blog that is! It’s been 14 years since I made my way from the south – crossing from Dubrovnik – to the northwest out to Zagreb, stopping at Mostar and the capital, Sarajevo. And let me just say – the capital is an interesting and (at least in 2004) spooky place. Bullet holes in the walls were still not uncommon, and there weren’t a lot of people in town.

Walking down a Sarajevo street

The conflict was officially ended in 1995, nine years later the memory was still very VERY raw. I was even told by a local Bosnian man that if the peacekeepers left that day, the next day the fighting would be on again. On the other hand, I was told by a girl working in a restaurant that they harboured no ill towards anyone (ok, I’ve put that in my own words!) and just thinking and remembering makes me wonder how things are today.

Nevertheless, today’s post is about images, albeit some are a bit challenging.

What not to take to a mosque
Street art commemorating the massacre at Srebrenica 1995
Some building are in good nick
Sarajevos Holiday Inn where journalists were trapped during the conflict
Sarajevo at sunset
Playing chess in the park
Bullet holes were a regular sight in Sarajevo
Gravestones Sarajevo
Interesting rundown building
Its hard to forget what happened when walking around Sarajevo
Market area
Miljacka River
More bullet holes
After a rainstorm
Abandoned building


Thanks for visiting today. May the Journey Never End.

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