Chiang Mai – Through My Lens

Hi all. Today’s look through my lens takes me back a couple of years to Chiang Mai in Thailand. A bit of a tourist Mecca with a famous night market and more temples than your average South East Asian city, for some reason I found that there was a bit of a yellowish tinge to these pictures. Which interestingly I experienced in my first trip there back in 1999. Anyways – I hope you enjoy!

Typical Chiang Mai street

Recovering from a bout of Muy Thai

Education Zone inside Chiang Mai Mall

Durian time – the worst smelling fruit in the world

Canal in the middle of the road

Decorations in temple

Packed into a tuk tuk

Time to eat

Thai Boxing Ring

Wat Chedi Luang

Thai Boxing in Chiang Mai

Night Market crowds in Chiang Mai

City Wall

Chiang Mai street

Chiang Mai City Walls at night

Chang Mai Night Market

Elephant Bass Reliefs

Flags outside temple

Serving at night market

Stunning temple gardens

Inside the Chiang Mai Mall

Thanks for stopping by today – May the Journey Never End!

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  1. Beautiful Andy! Brings back memories of our recent 2 months there. Never get tired of Thai food or Muay Thai.

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