Hotel Review – Sama-Sama at KL International

My first stop of my latest journey was an overnight one in Kuala Lumpur. Not really enough time to get into the city, I decided I’d stay at a hotel at or near the airport. Usually, a hotel like Sama-Sama would not be on my radar. I just went to Agoda which was offering 38% off and it was still $218AUD. However, I didn’t pay nearly as much as that.

The price I got from was around $150. But then I also had a free night to the value of $82 to cash in, which they also let you subtract from the price of the hotel. So for around $70 I got a room in what is a FIVE STAR hotel. I should point out this is the one at KLIA, you need to pass immigration to get to it, it is not the transit hotel.

So, how was it? Let’s just say was very comfortable. But I’m sure there are hotels out there that offer more. But I certainly had no complaints at all. I found myself at KLIA2 when I arrived, so it was a train journey (five mins) to KLIA and then a bit of walking to the hotel. It’s connected by walkways to the airport though, and there are buggies that through the day go from a point in the terminal to the airport and back, again unlikely to wait more than five minutes for those. Complimentary of course.

The room was so spacious. Looked back at the airport. Shower and a bath, I used both. After travelling to Kuala Lumpur via Singapore from Melbourne, a bath was just what the doctor ordered. And a good sleep. And I got it.

Reception Area.

The room speaks for itself, it’s not a case of things looking far better in photos (unlike many places you see). And the service was great. At check in – in the evening, around 9 – 10pm  – I was asked what time my flight left the following evening. When I replied 730pm, they asked if I would like to keep my room until 3pm. Ummmm…. Yesthankyoupleaseverymuch!

It was a quiet hotel, which I prefer , and there was a delightful pool. And I spent a few hours in and around it the next day, thanks to my extended checkout time. The water was fantastic. The breakfast was probably the poorest part of my stay, but it was a good size and fine, a large selection in buffet style, a lot of Indian and south-eastern Asian options.

I was very VERY happy with my stay. I really would have liked a second night there just so I could enjoy the hotel. But having paid only $70 for a 5-star hotel, I was in the right mindset for it for sure. And now, my patented ratings!

Andy’s Ratings:

Value for Money :    4 /5

Service/Friendliness:    4.5 /5

Cleanliness:       4.5/5

Noise:        4/5

Location: 4.5/5

Total:     21.5/25

Thanks for reading, May the Journey Never End!

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