Kandy Lake

I woke in Kandy, I had a really nice hotel room there which was pretty good value for money. But it was only an overnight stop. I took a few photos in the morning before I left, including of the beautiful lake. I had a train to take to the station Verangoda, on the way to Colombo. There I met my wife and we had a car take us to Ja Ela, where a family lives who we stayed with last time we were in Sri Lanka (2013).

So it was great to catch up, we have three nights ahead of us.


Sunday, April 1st 2018

And we’re into April. Today we spent the day with our friends. We headed to a local supermarket because I was cooking for the family at lunch. I made a chicken pasta with a few vegies, the tomato sauce I used had a little spice in it and also the taste of a sweet and sour sauce. Which strangely worked well for it with heaps of onion and garlic the basis for it usually. It went down well. We visited an amazing Basilica as well as it is Easter. The church seemed to own acres and acres of the surrounding forest, and had converted it into a huge park. They blasted the service out so all in the park could hear.

Hopper Making – hoppers lined up on the top shelf.

Then we went for dinner at a local take away shop that specialised in dosas. They also made hoppers on site there which was interesting. A sort of bread staple, they often come with egg sort of baked into it. I stayed safe with my intolerance to any spice and had chicken and rice.


Monday, April 2nd 2018

Today we headed out with some of the family into Colombo. In two trips, this day will probably prove to be the day I got a decent look at Sri Lanka’s main town.

National Museum in Colombo

We started at the National Museum, which is pretty interesting and housed in a huge building. It’s an educational museum, and dates back hundreds of thousands of years. It also has displays of statues etc of things like agriculture, and an interesting masque display.

After lunch, we explored the Colombo Fort Area. Right now, for shipping purposes, they are actually extending the coastline westward. It’s mostly sand at this stage, but there is a port building. This means that when we stopped at the lighthouse, it was no longer on the shoreline because it’s been extended a couple of hundred metres at a guess!

Then we saw this giant stupa, standing on giant legs overlooking the fort area. Although it was possible to climb up to it, none of us, in the heat, had the energy to do so.

Turned out this is a high security area. There is a military base, possibly training facility, there and the President’s Palace is there too, near the Clock Tower and opposite the Old Dutch Bank.

There’s also an Old Dutch Hospital, which has been converted into shops. It’s actually being built up into a major tourist area now, although there weren’t so many tourists around, bar one group and a couple of travellers in couples or on their own.

Cargill’s. Colombo

Tried to get to St Peter’s Church, but close, and also passed the Old Cargill’s Department Store. And by this point, we were all cooked and took the train back to Ja Ela. 40 minutes, 25 Sri Lankan Rupees. (20 cents Australian).

Don’t know how I feel about Colombo. It’s on the grow – an amazing lotus style tower due to open nest month of June, and some lovely wide boulevards. In stark contrast to the roads that connect to Kandy and further on which are single lane. Heat and humidity made for a tough, tiring day. But at least I can now say I know a little about the city! May the Journey Never End!

Colombo Fort Train Station

5 thoughts on “Colombo

  1. Colombo is a bit divisive – it’s not as interesting as some of the other places in Sri Lanka, the heritage isn’t as apparent. It’s still worth a look though. I had some great coffee in Colombo though!

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