Kuranda – Through My Lens

Kuranda is a small town in the mountains not far from Cairns, in Queensland. I was there last year in July. It’s common to take the train up to Kuranda and then take a gondola ride down. You go through and over some really beautiful rain forest. The town itself is actually just a tourist trap these days sadly, although there are a few amusing things to see. Food in town was overpriced and very disappointing.

The gondola ride back down is probably the highlight of the journey. You can get off mid-journey at one of three (I think) stations and go for a walk in the rain forest.

Barron Falls station
Scottish shop Kuranda – not exactly what I’d expected to find there!
Kuranda station
Barron River Kuranda
Kuranda Hotel
Road from gondola
Rain forest near Kuranda
Gondola over rain forest
Police Box Kuranda
Getting off in Kuranda
Mountains and Rainforest around Kuranda
Forest life in Kuranda
Looking back to the ocean and Cairns

Kuranda train on bridge
Coming back to Cairns on gondola


Thanks for stopping by – May the Journey Never End!

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