And now it’s… The 2017 Adventure!

Yes, sorry I meant to post about this year’s planned adventure. But time got away from me and then I had to be sure of getting the time off work, so I held back. Finally, though, I can let readers know that on the first of May, just over a week away now, I’m heading on a new adventure, which will well and truly make up for my lack of train journeys in South America last year.


I will be flying to Beijing, have a day and half there, and then I will be taking the Trans-Mongolian Railway to Moscow. This is a version of the Trans-Siberian that, you know, goes through Mongolia. It’s really involved some meticulous planning with three visas to get – China, Mongolia and Russia, the last of which has involved me getting a letter of invitation and jumping through a few hoops. As you do.

I am not just getting on at Beijing and staying on the train for 6-7 days until I get to Moscow, I have three stops along the way. The first is the Mongolian capital, Ulaan Bataar. Four nights there and hopefully will get out of the city for one of those nights. I’ll then stop in Irkutsk on Lake Baikal, and Yekantringburg where the Romanov’s met their fate before getting to Moscow.

I’ve booked all my tickets and accommodation this time, it’s seriously over planned in many ways but in some ways it needs to be. I booked the ticket from Beijing to Ulaan Bataar via China Highlights, and the rest through These sites were highly recommended by the best website there is for international train travel – Seriously, if you need any information on international trains, this is THE best website imaginable.

Lenin’s tomb in Moscow.


After Moscow I am headed for 8 nights in London. I’ll be at an Air Bnb place there, catching up with friends, maybe see a show, do some Doctor Who related things no doubt. And then 8 nights in France, including 4 nights in Paris. I want to get the chance to take photos there because I haven’t many from 1999, and that’s the last time I properly visited the city.

Then I fly home via Japan to spend a few days with my wife’s family. And – that’s the plan. I feel like I’m on top of everything, and I just have to get through one more week and a bit of work, and then I’ll be posting from abroad!

8 thoughts on “And now it’s… The 2017 Adventure!

  1. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    Oh my word Andy, the trans-Mongolian adventure sounds absolutely incredible and seriously a bit jealous that in the one big trip, you’re also somehow managing to squeeze in Paris and Japan!! Sounds fab!

  2. Of course, I can’t wait to see what you think of Mongolia after my fabulous trip there last year. How on earth do you get so much time off work?! Or can you work remotely? I am envious!

  3. BBQboy

    Exciting, have fun. Don’t eat anything that moves in China.
    I second what you say about Seat61 – I use it researching all my train travel. He IS the best.
    Have a great adventure!
    Frank (bbqboy)

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