Capturing Cuenca

​Hello from Lima. But my journey into Peru will be the subject of another blog post. Today I want to share a very little about my time in my last stop in Ecuador. Yes, I’ve left this amazing country for another. Gees it sounds so sordid when I put it like that! But my last taste of Ecuador was a very nice one indeed.

Plaza San Blas

In fact, I’d go as far as to say, well it’s not such a big deal, Cuenca was the prettiest and most pleasant city I visited in Ecuador. It’s really beautiful, the streets, the architecture, the river and the ruins.

Cuenca Street
I really only had a day getting in mid-afternoon on Sunday and leaving 7am on Tuesday, so Monday was it. The weather was clear and pleasant but not hot. I started and ended in the attractive Plaza San Blas – public squares are definitely all the rage in Ecuador (and so far Peru as well). From there I met up with some new friends I’d made on the Devil’s Nose train ride for a bit of a city tour.

We met at another beautiful square the Parque Calderon and visited Cuenca’s new cathederal to one side of it. The views from the top of it were pretty darned good as workmen fixed up the dome with little support. We then found an awesome middle eastern lunching place not far away before heading towards the River Tomebamba.

We visited the Bridge Roto – it’s broken, doesn’t actually cross the river as it kept getting destroyed by flood waters. The walk along the cool river was lovely and we found ourselves in the ruins of Pumapungo. Another great view of the newer part of the city, and down below a little collection of birds in big cages. Great, but not for the poor eagles that was not good poor things.

And the gardens there were stunning and even had a few llamas to keep the lawn short enough. More walking through some interesting streets back to Plaza San Blas. It seems like to short a time and it was, but in around 7 hours I really got to love this gorgeous little city. So, how’s bout you visit it too? May the Journey Never End!

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