Around Melbourne – Scienceworks


Melbourne has a wonderful little museum – well it’s not really a museum per se and it’s not that little – in the western suburbs in a place called Spotswood. Sciencework has been thrilling visitors and in particular kids for a long time now with a raft of interactive exhibits that are a lot of fun and of course have an educational benefit.


Scienceworks is in a pretty modern building. Sadly when I went one large section was closed due to them doing up a new exhibit, but still there was plenty to keep one occupied. Again sadly perhaps the ‘coolest’ thing at the museum I didn’t get to see (this time, I’ve seen it before) because it was fully booked – that’s the ‘Lightening Room’. Ever wanted to see Tesla coils in action and just experience the full force of an electric storm in relative safety? This demonstration you have to prebook but it’s well worth it.


Inside Scienceworks’ main building you’ll find a lot of interesting sciencey things, spatial tricks, things you can touch and feel, things for kids to play in and with, and a sports science exhibit too. You can practice the skills of basketball or Australian Rules Football, rowing, race against Cathy Freeman and even judge some gymnastics.

The planetarium show begins!
The planetarium show begins!

What I really enjoyed though was the Planetarium. There are a number of different shows you can catch, the one I saw recently was narrated by Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush (I think they all are) and showed us galaxies far far away before ending with a preview of the evening’s sky so we could look out and find the planets and certain stars.

Inside the pump Station.
Inside the pump Station.

On the grounds of Scienceworks you will also find an old pump station that used to pump the sewerage out of Melbourne and down to Werribee. It was fascinating and if you go on the right day (we didn’t L) you can see it in action (no longer connected to the Melbourne sewerage system). It’s an historic building and fascinating to see, even when not in action.

So. Does this appeal? I think even as an adult there’s plenty worth seeing – especially the pump station, the Lightning Show and the Planetarium. Hope you’re well, May the Journey Never End!

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