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Well here we are in Cairns, a long way from Melbourne, for a five-day much needed break. Getting to the airport was a bit different this time. I’ve been lucky that I’ve people to drive me out to Tullamarine, friends or my parents, last year I used Uber, but this time I decided to brave the public transport.

And with Melbourne, there’s nothing particularly simple and more importantly direct. However, I have to say it turned out pretty smooth and took a little over an hour which is probably not much more then it would normally take.

At the station not far from home.
At the station not far from home.

Ok, I got a lift to the closest station. Local buses in my area normally only come every 30 minutes and I had an offer of a drop off, as it is 5 minutes by car away, and happily took it. Murrumbeena station already had a few people waiting, and during the weekday day-time, trains are supposedly every ten minutes so I knew that it wouldn’t be too long. And soon the train pulled up. I had to take it to Southern Cross Station, and luckily it was an express. We did also have a bonus crazy guy shouting out randomly so that was a great little extra.


At Southern Cross it was a short walk to a lift down to the bus station where the Skybus was waiting. And then leaving as full. Luckily another was right behind it. The Skybus was $19 each which is probably more than it should be. From city centre to the airport an Uber would probably be $50 or possibly less, so if you had three people I would THINK Uber works out cheaper. As it was, this was still the cheaper option.

Inside Skybus. Sorry from the bllllllurrrr!
Inside Skybus. Sorry from the bllllllurrrr!

The skybus left before being 100% full, so we had a wait of less than 5 minutes. In 25 minutes we were at Terminal Four for our flight. Simple as that.

Terminal Four at Tullamarine
Terminal Four at Tullamarine

So what can I say? I didn’t think much of this option before but after this journey I thought it was remarkably well run, issue-free and a great way to save a little money. Definitely worth it if you’re on your own or just two.

May the Journey Never End!

4 thoughts on “To Melbourne Airport

  1. Melbourne Airport is easy to get to once you’re in the city centre – if you don’t have transport, then getting to Southern Cross Station can be a bit of a pain, but the SkyBus is easy 🙂

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