Monsters and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

As I have mentioned before, Melbourne is not short on festivals. If you’re a fan of drama, comedy, or just like to see a show from time to time, you can do a lot worse than head to Melbourne at the right time of the year when a festival is on. Right now we are seeing the tail end of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I’ve been to four shows this year.

micf 1

It’s a great festival with a number of hubs around the city, in particular the Melbourne Town Hall and Trades Hall, both of which are beautiful, historic buildings. Turning up at a hub and seeing what is on is probably the best way to experience the comedy festival, and you’ll also avoid the pesky extra fees that the internet booking sites charge. Of course, if you want to go to see a popular, specific show then online booking in advance will secure you a seat.

micf 2

Last night I saw ‘Rob Lloyd versus The Monsters’ at Trades Hall. Robert is a Melbourne based comedian who I interviewed for the podcast last year, and his show is a one man show where he amazingly plays not only himself, but a variety of characters AND a variety of monsters. It’s an amazing effort and a show full of laughs, music and more. His show is on four more times before it and the festival closes Sunday night, Trades Hall at 9.45pm and 8.45pm on Sunday.

For something a little different, I did a quick interview with Rob –

1/ Tell us a bit about yourself Rob! Where you come from, what you do etc.
I’m an actor, comedian and improviser. I’ve been working professionally for 15 years.
I’ve been in the musical comedy trio The Dodge. I was Artistic Director of the improvisation comedy troupe The Crew for 6 years. I was a member of the award winning comedy trio The Hounds. Now I work primarily as a solo artist. I’ve toured all around Australia, to New Zealand, Edinburgh Fringe and Chicago.
micf 4
2/ What’s it like being part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival?
It’s an intense experience. It’s exhausting. It’s a month long festival, so you are up onstage performing pretty much every night. You are constantly out promoting your show to stand out amongst a crowded schedule. It is one of the largest festivals in the world so you really have to bring your A-game. It can be incredibly tough…but it can be absolutely amazing too.
3/ What shows have you seen?
Sadly not as much as I would have liked. I’ve seen mostly my very talented mates:
*Good Show. A sketch show set in a future ruled by robots…awesome!
*David Williams ‘Good Genes Man’. Dear old friend of mine at the top of his game.
*Liam Ryan ‘Karaoke in the Sun’. Delightful, joyous stand up.
*A Bunch of Pirates…Caitlin Yolland is the stand-out!
4/ What can people who see Rob Lloyd VS The Monsters expect?
It’s a one-man comedy show about fears. The show is split in two parts. One section is me talking to the audience about what haunted me as a child and whether those things still terrify me. The other section is a fictional story, written by my dear friend Scott McAteer, where I play myself as a Monster Hunter who, while investigating a missing girl, I am shown the land out monsters by a real life monster Grobnick.
micf 5
5/ What was the inspiration behind the show?
I do a gameshow/panel podcast called ‘Grain Of Truth’. It’s created and hosted by my brother-in-mirth David Innes. I am a regular panelist along with Scott McAteer.
One episode last year, Scott presented a mini scene between a French Monk/Monster Hunter and Grobnick The Monster and they discussed why Monsters live under the bed.
I was immediately inspired and asked if Scott would like collaborate with me in turning that short duologue into a full hour show. Scott leapt at the chance. The rest is history.
6/ What makes MICF so great?
It’s a chance to see the best of what Australian Comedy has to offer. You can also catch the odd overseas guest. As a performer you get to see what everyone else is doing, see where the standard is at. It also means you have to step up and challenge yourself.
7/ What’s next for Rob Lloyd?
I’m already putting my application together for Melbourne Fringe Festival which is late September/early October…I start writing my new show in May. It never stops.
Thanks Rob for answering all my questions!
micf 3



Well, next up we might have another Foto Friday and perhaps another hotel review. Until then – May the Journey Never End!

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