Wild Orchid Villa – Accommodation Review, Bangkok

Sorry folks just not having the time I need to blog right at the present. Hopefully that changes over the next week or so, but I have several writing projects on the go and trying to get them done. I had Friday last week pencilled in as a day for blogging, to do a few and get ahead of the game, but it didn’t work out thanks to the mother of all migraines!

Anyways, here I am today with the first of my accommodation reviews from my trip. I’ll be looking at pretty much every place I stayed and reviewing/rating it over the next couple of months. Of course, I don’t want to make every post a review, and as I’ll also be reviewing flights I’ll make sure I’m not posting 3-4 reviews a week because it would become monotonous quickly I daresay.

When I arrived in Bangkok to begin my trip on the 14th of February, I knew beforehand I’d want to book a place. I wanted to check out the old backpacker vibe of Khao San Road, where I’d stayed back on my first day of solo backpacker travel in 1999, but I wanted to avoid the noise and crowds of the actual road. ‘Wild Orchid Villa’ seemed to fit the bill, not too expensive at around 800 baht with private bathroom (I used to go dorms and share bathrooms, whatever it took to cut costs down, but these days I need some basic comforts!) and air conditioning.

When I flew in I took the train and then taxi to the Khao San Road area. The taxi had a bit of trouble finding the place, many of the roads in the area are closed to traffic at night, but the taxi driver was able to call the guesthouse and dropped me off one minute walk away.


from the guesthouse’s website – the restaurant/lobby


There’s a large restaurant area that greets you, and that’s not a surprise. So many guesthouses near (as opposed to on) Khao San Rd have restaurants with pretty much the same menu for the tourists. The greeting was a little flat at the front desk, and I was up on the fifth floor. No lifts and no-one to take your bag. Well, that’s the way it goes, not the end of the world.

So unfit was I (still am!) I needed a break halfway but I soon enough got to the room and opened the door, to be pretty disappointed first up. If you don’t know by now, photos on trip advisor and hotel websites are often very misleading. The ones for Wild Orchid Villa appear to be taken five seconds after fresh paint was applied, and make the place look a grade or two nicer than it really is.

from trip advisor -

from trip advisor – my room was smaller, one double bed

It’s not that it’s a bad place guesthouse, rather that it’s unremarkable and average for the price range. The single room featured a double bed, a safe, TV and very little floor room. The bathroom was small but not tiny, windows opened to Bangkok so it was always going to be warm in there, oldish tiling, decent hot water, lousy pressure. And the hot water was just for the shower.

There was daily cleaning which is a plus, although on the first day they ignored my ‘please clean my room’ sign. The restaurant’s food was very average and uninspiring, full of standard Thai/Chinese fare along with stacks of western options not done particularly well. The breakfast was small, the toast was cold, it seemed overpriced.

BUT – this is what you can expect from so many places in the area. It’s location is quite good, five minutes walk to Khao San Road, but behind the temple so the noise isn’t too bad. The mattress was firm and the pillows high. The travel agent there was a nice lady, the hotel staff less nice, the restaurant staff couldn’t have cared a less about their customers, but this a Bangkok issue – so many tourists you can’t blame the Thai people for, you know, secretly yet obviously hating them.


So, introducing my first-point rating system –

Value for money – 2.5/5

Cleanliness – 2.5/5

Service/Friendliness – 2/5

Location – 3/5

Noise/Sleep Quality – 3 / 5

TOTAL – 13 / 25; (52 / 100)

I stayed from 14/2/2015 to 17/2/2015

The hotel website –

Wild Orchid Villa


See you next time – May the journey never end!


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