Marrakesh – the Most Photogenic City!

Howdy all! Well, I’m now up to sharing my photos from Marrakesh, this will be the first of at least two posts on Marrakesh because it really was so photogenic! Today I feature a little look at the Bahia Palace and the Saadien Tombs as well as a few streets and alleys of this amazing town!

Look and try to work out what’s for sale!
Tannery in Marrakesh
Ibn Yousef Madressa

Thanks for popping by! More shots from this amazing city to come!


16 thoughts on “Marrakesh – the Most Photogenic City!

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  2. BBQboy

    Question is: did you have to deal with aggressive scammers at the tanneries? I did, almost got in a fist fight. Hate Marrakesh for that.

    But the Bahia palace and Saadian tombs are fantastic, wonderful sites.

    1. So actually no not really. not scammers. touts yes, but not a lot and not particularly aggressive. generally in Marrakesh i was surprised by the LACK of touts and scammers. Yes a few here and there but compared to Egypt, it was nothing. maybe that’s just since covid because everything i read was that Marrakesh was REALLY BAD for this, but not what I experienced. thanks for popping by!

      1. BBQboy

        It was really bad. I was in Morocco 5 weeks and hated that aspect of it…but Marrakesh was the worst. Maybe the touts and scammers found real jobs during Covid times…

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