The Best Doughnuts in the WORLD!!

Something a little bit different for you today – this is a video I found online researching a location that I am planning on filming a ‘Melbourne Revealed’ this week (and hopefully it’s in the can by the time this post is published). Footscray is a diverse and exciting part of Melbourne in the Inner West where I used to head frequently on Saturday’s in the 1990s to see my Aussie Rules Football team, then the Footscray Bulldogs (now the Western Bulldogs) play, and right at the station in Footscray was a famous Doughnut caravan called ‘Olympic Doughnuts’ and they were so good, honestly you could justify heading to Footscray JUST to buy a packet of them.

I wondered if they still existed, but alas due to ill health the Owner Nick had to give up the business a few years ago now, but not before the business got its own premises when they redeveloped the Footscray train station. Doing research for MY vlog, I found this video. Anyways, it’s a great little story and the video’s not too long, so ENJOY!

Thanks for popping by! May the Journey Never End!


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