Best of Bald and Bankrupt – The Soviet Memories!

Hey all! Hope you are all well on this Sunday. Well, as we may not be seeing any more Soviet videos from Mr Benjamin Rich, aka ‘Bald and Bankrupt’, I really wanted to do a bit of a compilation style post and feature some of the best. I went to search through his videos and I realised I had watched so many it was really hard to remember which ones I thought were the best. However, here are just some of his many wonderful videos that really hit the spot.

Firstly this one sees Bald and Alinchik in Gerogia as they check out an abandoned sanatorium!

Bald introduced me to the name ‘Gopnik’ – and in this video Alinchik again joins him and they dress up as Gopniks to see what the life is like!

Bald’s adventures in the zone near Chernobyl in the south of Belarus are some of the most amazing videos I’ve seen on Youtube. Here is one of many!

This is a crazy video take a DAY before Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year where Bald headed to the northern border of Ukraine where Russian tanks were lined up waiting for the signal to invade. And no-one believe they will in Ukraine!

Finally, this video from a couple of months back is I believe his most epic. He heads out to the middle of Kazakhstan to find the Buran, a Soviet Space Shuttle used back in the 80s. Perhaps the ULTIMATE Bald and Bankrupt video!

Thanks for joining me today! Hopefully we will still have videos of Bald to share from other parts of the world in the coming months and years! Take care – and May the Journey Never End!


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