No More Bald? His Last Soviet Video!

Howdy all. So, according to Mr Bald, this will be his last ‘Soviet’ video. He’s in Russia. You’ll see what happens to him as you watch so best not to spoil the video. In a little while I will do a ‘best of’ his Soviet videos. I am presuming he will still go places and vlog, but he’s saying this is the last ‘Soviet’ place he’ll visit. We will see. Enjoy!

Thanks for popping by. May the Journey Never End!


2 thoughts on “No More Bald? His Last Soviet Video!

  1. ThingsHelenLoves

    I’m not sure what to make of him, but he’s very watchable. I’ve enjoyed a lot of his Soviet themed videos. I can’t imagine him not making any more. Time will tell, I suppose!

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