Obligatory Eurovision Post 2022

Hi all and Happy Saturday! Well, in a day or so we will know the winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, with the Ukraine widely tipped to win – if I was a betting man they are the only country worth putting any money because this year, politics is going to play a big role! Anyways, a few songs from this year I think it’s worth listening to, including the Ukrainian song. Personally, I favour the beautiful Italian song this year, Austria has already been eliminated in the First Semi Final, which was disappointing as I liked the song. Was also impressed by the Swiss Entrant, and the song from United Kingdom is their best in years.

Should the Ukraine win, there is a strong chance the competition will be held in the United Kingdom in 2023 if Ukraine are unable to host it – certainly I hope they can, but there is every chance we might see Eurovision finally return to the UK, even if it’s not because they one. Of course, I will also share Australia’s entry – it’s also pretty strong in my opinion!

What’s your favourite? What other ones float your boat??? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks! May the Journey Never End!

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