A Victorian Era MANSION in Melbourne!?! The Ripponlea Estate!

Oh Hello! Yes, it’s Friday and this is the TWENTY-SECOND episode of ‘Melbourne Revealed’! It’s hard to believe. Another one where I go solo, so I decided to don a top hat and do a silly voice in the hope that it might make it entertaining – so please take a little watch and tell me what you think! (but be nice please!)

The Ripponlea Estate is an historic Victorian Era house built in the mid-1800s and owned by the National Trust, who have it opened and its extensive and quite incredible gardens open for the public. The lady who led the tour was nervous about being on camera so I promised you wouldn’t be able to hear her and I did my very best to not include others on my tour in what I shot. But she was very kind too and it’s actually quite the superb spot to visit. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading! Take care and May the Journey Never End!


2 thoughts on “A Victorian Era MANSION in Melbourne!?! The Ripponlea Estate!

  1. Nice hat, great acquisition!! A beautiful domain for sure, thank you for sharing
    I still can’t this over, to read your posts from the past😉 It’s still Thursday here LOL

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