Robbed! – Dodo Explorers

Hi folks! I’ve been really digesting a lot of YouTube videos on Pakistan of late. And I discovered ‘Dodo Travellers’ as I was watching their amazing videos of travel in Balochistan, which day by day becomes more interesting to me as a destination. Then I found a vlog they posted, this is back in May but basically in real time, that they had been robbed in Islamabad! Someone broke into their apartment – or their friend’s apartment I should say, and took their belongings as they slept! It could happen in any country. Really scary stuff though!

Thanks for stopping by! May the Journey Never End!


6 thoughts on “Robbed! – Dodo Explorers

  1. The nightmare we all want to avoid, but obviously they survived so in this situation we must keep hope for the main thing, the material doesn’t matter that much.

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