Kerman – Through My Lens!

Hi all! I’ve been sharing my photos of Iran with you this August and started with two of the most stunning places in Isfahan and Yazd. Today, it’s less of the dazzle in a place I feel no less warm towards, because today I’m sharing photos from the first place I stopped in Iran, the destination of Kerman. It’s not far from mountains, and the people are amazing. Because I met Dariush on the border with Pakistan, and we were both headed to Kerman. He took me into his family home and I spent ten days being ferried around Kerman as a guest, rather than as a tourist. I joined in a celebration where Abgoost was made, a sort of stew for want of a better word made in two enormous vats. Everyone was so kind and giving, and this is one of my favourite ever experiences I have had while travelling. So here’s a little look at Kerman!

Kerman market street

Cooking preparations in Kerman.
Mountains behind Kerman

Thanks for joining me! Comments always welcome! May the Journey Never End!


6 thoughts on “Kerman – Through My Lens!

  1. What a rewarding experience you had in Kerman. I can tell by your words that this left a profound and lasting impression on you. It takes a leap of faith from both the traveller and the person who takes them in.

  2. It’s a great experience, sharing the real life of the inhabitants, seeing a city through their eyes and habits, rather than the usual artificial part left to the tourists. It’s a great opportunity.

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