Yazd, Kharanaq and Around – Through My Lens!

Howdy all. Today’s photos are coming to you from and around the city of Yazd in Iran. Yazd is actually a real gem of a city, not too far from Shiraz and Kerman in the mid-to-south of Iran, a city famous for its mud-brick buildings. It’s got a number of mosques and madrassas, but also there are some wonderful sights around Yazd that are done in a popular day trip where you head out to an old abandoned town in Kharanaq, and into the desert to see a holy Zoroastrian Shrine in the mountains. Enjoy!

View from Karanaq

Thanks for popping by today! Take care – and May the Journey End!


2 thoughts on “Yazd, Kharanaq and Around – Through My Lens!

  1. Thanks for taking the risk of going to Iran so I don’t have to 🙂 ; there are street scenes that seem to show a country aspiring to a different kind of organisation.

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